Undiscovered wrong

Fortunately, I am allowed to make the music that I have in mind. And it’s always a lot of fun to accompany and refine a song from its creation to the finished product. Of course, convenience always gets in the way and I like to ask “finished or not? Make it easy for yourself, be satisfied, enough of producing.” But it takes time to create a beautiful pop song, after the quick idea comes the tinkering, sound building, mixing, and mixing again. Simply marvelous!

First release “Informational – damage”

The time has come and I’m glad that I’ve finally made it. I’ve been tossing around the idea of finally going triphop for two years. With the greatest respect for Portishead, Massive Attack and Archive. Hey, there’s more, but I love the suffering and the sadness, the reckoning and the revenge – no, I don’t. But I share what sings in my heart and lies on my soul.