Against silence

Living together constantly presents us with new challenges. Unfortunately, it is still completely normal in the workplace for superiors, managers, directors, producers or whoever else to exploit their position of power and put people under pressure to do things they don’t want to do. We must fight back and no longer put up with it. Perpetrators must not be the victims, the victims must be protected. Have we really not learned from #metoo? I’ve read a lot about work in the theater recently and I’m shocked at how culture and cultural workers are treated with contempt and treated inhumanely. This has to stop! As an artist, I support clarification and condemn the abuse!

New single – summit

And here is our last release 2021 for NDI. Some smooth electronic dance wrapping sound, here with the Original Mix ”SUMMIT” climbs the sound mountain supported by remixers like Gianni Piras, Mr. Gemini, Marc Häfner, Bioman and El Brujo stretching the theme in various directions…

broken bridges on NDI Dadaist Manifest Vol. 2

Here we go! When I wrote this song I was quite surprised … and I was satisfied. And then? Then came my bro El Brujo and pushed it to the next level. So, this is the original mix on the NDI Dadaist Manifesto Vol. 2. There are so many cool, artist I am glad to be a part of this collaboration with El Brujo and will get released by NDI. Judge Jay DJ did a huge remix of all tracks. Get your copy in October 15th on Beatport.

New Track “TWO TRIBES” on Global Beats

Imagine a new world. At some time in the future, the storm has passed, it has left deep marks on each of us. The darkness has not cleared yet, and things could be better, however there is a great desire to be happy again. Many things have lost their meaning, the cultures of the world have united, no one gives more importance to the color of the skin or to the origin, because the arrival of the inhabitants from other worlds has changed the perspectives, definitively.

We will all be the same because we are all different, and differences become strengths, each one brings its cultural contribution for the common good. Innovative ideas are welcome, but the traditions of past cultures are also an enrichment for everyone and not an insurmountable dogma. This Various Artists compilation on Jambalay Rec it has the narrative power of a fantasy novel or a film, transporting you to a fantastic and yet so current dimension that interacts with the present and looks like the future that it could be, this is its value in terms of entertainment for all!

Title: Global Beats
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Jambalay Records
Genre: Dance – Tech House
Main Release Date: 02/19/2021
Production Year: 2020
# songs: 40 (04:25:29)

New Remix for Kiril Melkonov

Kiril Melkonov is one of those who like to tease people with music, the evidence is this TEASING Ep published by Jambalay Rec with two Original Mixes and two Remixes by El Brujo and Mirojam, getting horny and in love with the sound.

Title: Teasing
Artist: Kiril Melkonov
Label: Jambalay Records
Genre: Dance – Techno
Main Release Date: 03/05/2021
Production Year: 2021
songs: 4 (00:28:03)

new ep “living space” is on its way

On february 5th the new ep “living space” will be released. We worked hard and here it is: after many years the first release with vocals. Of course mirojam is electronic music, handmade…but now the poetry is added, again.

Sometimes I felt like John Keats, the fear of rejection kept me from releasing music. But I survived it and didn’t break from self-doubt. I am so grateful for the support of Roberto Milanesi at Jambalay, who always believed in me and gave me the artistic space it needed.

When I think back to the times of “homeless” I can’t believe why we didn’t make it to the big stages back then.

I decided against studying music back then so that I wouldn’t have to depend on others for my artistic development. But today I also see that I was just too cowardly to go my own way. It could have worked out.

Now it’s time to start again. This year I will release a few more songs and thus leave the fear of failure behind me.

“Living space” has three songs:

  1. “In my house”, danceable with little vocals and no poetry.
  2. “Always asking myself”, handmade electronic music with a lot of poetry, a story you have to hear
  3. “Life should be”, by El Brujo & Pirate Lady, with lyrics by mirojam, sung by mirojam

In the next weeks we will take a look at every single song and discuss the production here.