Marc and Mirojam have both been independently in the music business for quite some time. They got in touch with each other via social networks in 2019 and have been working on Reinstoff remotely from each other ever since.

Both grew up in times when electronic music was in its infancy. “We’ve heard a lot, done a lot, and now it’s time to make music together.” Even though they were often inspired by the same things, artists and bands, there are influences that have been exclusively appropriated by one member. The individuality makes the band strong, which then results in the intersection as ” Reinstoff “.

What is REINSTOFF? The ideal of a Reinstoff (pure substance) is not attainable in practice. Pure substances can be elements or compounds. Pure substances have clearly defined physical properties that are used for characterization purposes.

In our case, however, it’s about music. With the demand to make the perfect track, elements creep in again and again. And so it’s not easy to make a clear classification into genres. Some call it techno, others electronica or pop.

Reinstoff / Häfner&Herth
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