This is Informational – I am silence – I am Mirko

This project comes from the heart, from the soul, guided by a spirit. In memory of my ancestors, who had peace, serenity and a mind of their own. The creativity of writers, dancers, cooks and lovers has existed for generations. Even if the family is torn apart and does not have the ability to find each other in the here and now, we are a family. You can’t choose that, it stays forever.

I write at least 20 lines every day, it just has to get out. It moves me and when I read what I’ve written days later, I recognize my life in the now. I am without reproach, without hate and rely completely on myself and my being.

I often sit at the piano for hours and compose, sing and feel into the music. Music is love, it is my soul, my harbor. I am grateful for this gift and am always happy to accept it.

Informational is one of Mirko’s projects. He is the artist who breathes life into this music, writes this music and performs this music. //