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Hey my friends, here we go again. Now, there is the new Jambalay Records compilation called ” THE FOOD FLOOD” available on

You can find my new track “COFFEE & COOKIES” on … get you copy on

next life – next promo

I am happy to present you the new ep “next life” . together with the label CARPS, I have made a spectacular selection and put together the absolute top quality of electronic music. Down to the smallest detail, ground down, united with love, “next live” became a real affair of the heart. Don’t miss it and get your new ep at

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mirojam on

New “X” album in October and here you can listen

X is coming…Release Date: 10/11/2019

Jambalay Records welcomes Mirojam, in this 11-track album that includes support from the international remixer team such as El Brujo, jiri Chvatal, Basscontroll, Electronic Beach and Dano C, deals with the theme of X in an ironic and experimental way: in a sense of undefined, mixed, in fact although the basic genre is Techno, there are many nuances, contaminations and escapes towards the borders, crossover pushed to the extreme. An album that escapes labels and conformism, aimed at creating a musical language out of the ordinary, experimental at most, one of those things that can be loved or hated, but that does not leave you indifferent. And here is the promo on youtube:

Label: Jambalay Records
Genre: Dance – Techno
Production Year: 2019
# songs: 11 (01:29:09)

A new compilation on Jambalay Records with mirojams track “coffee & cookies” coming in September

the food flood

Fast Food, Slow food, No food…food is one of the primary necessities for all living beings, and the human species is no exception. What you can’t understand is the reason for the imbalances, so that in some areas of the planet people eat too little and then get sick and die from lack of food, and in other areas they eat too much and people get sick and dies for too much food. Then there is the other question of the abundance of television programs dedicated to food, almost an obsession. So Jambalay records’ idea was to give a chance to the Artists Team, involving some Underground Talents, (known and less known, mostly belonging to the United Techno Familia Global Collective) to express their opinion with their music. Here we got an eclectic compilation as result, ranging from Techno , Tech House and Hard Techno contributions. I hope you dig the result!

Artist: Various Artists
Label: Jambalay Records
Genre: Dance – Techno
Release Date: 09/27/2019
Production Year: 2019
# songs: 18 (01:59:45)