new ep “living space” is on its way

On february 5th the new ep “living space” will be released. We worked hard and here it is: after many years the first release with vocals. Of course mirojam is electronic music, handmadeā€¦but now the poetry is added, again.

Sometimes I felt like John Keats, the fear of rejection kept me from releasing music. But I survived it and didn’t break from self-doubt. I am so grateful for the support of Roberto Milanesi at Jambalay, who always believed in me and gave me the artistic space it needed.

When I think back to the times of “homeless” I can’t believe why we didn’t make it to the big stages back then.

I decided against studying music back then so that I wouldn’t have to depend on others for my artistic development. But today I also see that I was just too cowardly to go my own way. It could have worked out.

Now it’s time to start again. This year I will release a few more songs and thus leave the fear of failure behind me.

“Living space” has three songs:

  1. “In my house”, danceable with little vocals and no poetry.
  2. “Always asking myself”, handmade electronic music with a lot of poetry, a story you have to hear
  3. “Life should be”, by El Brujo & Pirate Lady, with lyrics by mirojam, sung by mirojam

In the next weeks we will take a look at every single song and discuss the production here.

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