Hello everybody and welcome to mirojam.com
This is the new home page for electronic music created by Mirojam.

In the next weeks, I will present content here to give you an understanding of my artistic work. If you want to get an overview of my music, you can find it here at all providers:


Who’s Mirojam?
Mirojam is the stage name of Mirko Herth. Since 1987 Mirojam is making electronic music. Sometimes with vocals (as neo korteks) sometimes without, sometimes analogously, with guitars, flutes, sometimes short and shorter, sometimes long and longer. Mirojam has a broad cultural and technical background and has a very creative enthusiasm for the art of all kinds. on the internet, you can find photos, songs, paintings and poems he has written in the last 30 years.

And, I am grateful for your support. Hope you like electronic Music :-)(-: